Our enrichment program offers area kids weekly field trip fun

Remember being a kid and the excitement the words, “field trip,” would inspire? Looking forward to a field trip fills a child with anticipation for learning in a new environment, not to mention fun. For children ages 4-6, the Traverse City Co-operative Preschool (TCCP) offers weekly field trips through Enrichment.

Enrichment is our supplemental “class” occurring every Thursday at 11 in the morning that fits into the regular class schedules at TCCP, allowing your child to participate both in a classroom environment and enrichment opportunities. Even better, Enrichment is open to the public as well as co-op members.

Each week offers a different 50 minute experience for your child, led by parent co-op member Justine Gareiss. Some of this years fabulous locations and events include apple picking at Jacob’s Corn Maze, Dennos Museum, Handz on Art, Gymnastics, cupcake decorating at Sugarkissed, the Coast Guard station, cheesemaking at Leelanau Cheese, the Dance Center, and ice skating.

Through Enrichment, your child may discover skills they never knew they had. Together, we can inspire future generations to create, explore, and grow!

For more information about the Traverse City Cooperative Preschool’s Enrichment class, and TCCP in general, visit www.tccoop.org.

Enrichment information

  • Enrichment occurs Thursdays 11-11:50 a.m.
  • Children must be at least 4 years old but not older than 6 years by Dec. 1, 2016 to enroll in Enrichment.
  • Skilled professionals at each venue supervise these activities.
  • Due to the nature of some activities (i.e. ice skating), parent participation may be necessary for your child to enjoy each activity to its fullest.
  • Tuition is $45/month/per child, and can be paid with regular preschool tuition.
  • Click on the following link for activity descriptions:  enrichment-activity-descriptions