Member Info

2022-2023 School Year Info.

The cooperative model creates a learning environment that inspires children and adults to discover, create, learn and grow together. Our philosophy is based on the belief that parents play an integral role in their child’s educational experience. This direct involvement promotes confidence, increases a child’s self-esteem, encourages a love of learning, and nurtures a positive attitude regarding a child’s first educational experience.

As a cooperative preschool we are a non-profit education program owned and operated by parent members, administered by a parent board of directors and licensed by the state of Michigan.

Required Activities

All members are required to attend/participate in:

  • Parent Orientation: Parent Orientation is mandatory before parents or caregivers can assist in the classroom. Orientation is held in early September
  • If a parent enrolls a child after school has begun, they must meet with the Events and Information Chairperson before assisting in the classroom
  • One cleaning bee per year: Cleaning bees reduce the spread of contamination and keep the TCCP classroom neat and organized
  • Monthly board meetings are required for board members and optional for other members
  • Spring general membership meeting is required for board members; all parents are encouraged to attend

Assisting/Job Assignments

One to three parents assist the teacher in the classroom each day. Assist parents help set up; supervise art projects, gross motor activities and play; provide snacks and clean up.

Parents typically assist 3-4 times in an 8 week period. The parent who is assigned “class scheduler” will reach out to all parents of their class to ask for requests for days to or not to assist during the 8 week schedule they are making.

In addition to classroom assisting, each family is assigned a job to assist with the operation of the school. Examples of jobs include: include garden maintenance, socials coordinator, class (assist parent) scheduler, playdoh maker, web assistant and health coordinator.