Our Classroom and Playground

Children are active learners. They learn by doing. They manipulate and experiment with a variety of materials and situations.

Our classroom is set up to foster creative play that leaves room for the imagination. Play develops skills that, later in life, will be known as initiative, abstract thought, creative problem solving and compassion.

Sensory Areas

(Sand, playdough, rice, etc.) Children in the sensory areas are problem solving, measuring and estimating, and learning to cooperate and share.

Gross Motor

Gross motor activities help children gain physical confidence, body awareness, spatial skills, self-confidence and pride.

Art Table

Children at the art table are learning about color, shape, and space; expressing emotions; practicing fine motor skills; adapting and modifying materials to their ideas and much more.

Teacher Directed Area

The teacher-directed area is used for Circle Time, singing and dancing and small group time. Children learn to listen, focus, respect the rights of others, share ideas and practice language skills, among many other things.

Snack Table

Children at the snack table are learning social skills, practicing good table manners, acquiring good eating habits, tasting new foods and making their own choices.

Other Areas

Other classroom areas including blocks, housekeeping/domestic play, writing center and dress-up. Children are building, creating, practicing life skills. learning to communicate through written expression and enjoying the vast benefits of discretionary playtime

Hilly Hollow Natural Playscape

Our natural playscape is designed for play with the purpose of connecting children to nature. Hilly Hollow uses natural materials like plants, pathways and earth mounds to provide a highly creative, interactive play experience. The playground also includes some traditional elements, such as swings, a hill slide and tire climb. Hilly Hollow mirrors our indoor learning philosophy that play and imagination-based learning to foster cognitive, emotional and physical development.